Product Catalogue

Telman supplies what your customers know and love. Source exactly
what you need to keep your business going, one product at a time.


Shop the most popular brands, from 20oz bottles to 12oz cans; we buy from the manufacturer, store in our facility, and distribute directly to your business.

Packaged Snacks & Food

Choose from thousands of different food products, from fresh sandwiches, salads, chips, and candy, to frozen meals, ice cream and more!

Paper Goods

We carry utensils, paper towels and napkins, bathroom tissues, and other break room and pantry necessities.

Amenities & Personal Care

Cure your customers symptoms with carded personal care products, amenities, and sundries. We carry a variety of brands perfect for your pantry or micro market.

Cleaning Supplies

Shop different cleaning agents, chemicals, and supplies, by the unit, for all of your housekeeping needs.

Coffee & Tea

We supply all of the major coffee & tea brands, from cold to hot, that make your customers mornings great.

Office Supplies

From pens and pencils to printing paper and binders, we offer supplies, by the unit, to keep your business up and running.

Franchise Distribution

We work with brands to streamline the distribution processes, through vertically integrating the supply chain; reducing time, money, and most of all, headache!