Product Catalogue

Telman supplies what your customers know and love. Source exactly
what you need to keep your business going, one product at a time.


Shop the most popular brands, from 20oz bottles to 12oz cans; we buy from the manufacturer, store in our facility, and distribute directly to your business. In additional to household names like Coke, Pepsi, and Canada Dry, we also specialize in local and specialty products. This allows our customers to buy a variety of items and provide a variety of different beverages to their customers. As a one stop distributor, we also furnish requests for products not in our product catalogue. Today, our facility stores over 2,000 different beverages hundreds of different brands, all at our customers disposal for a next-day delivery.

Packaged Snacks & Food

Choose from thousands of different food products, from fresh and organic to frozen and packaged. Our product catalogue covers all of the core customer demands, in addition to new trends and local specialty products..
Candy & Chips

Procure from our close partnered chip and candy brands like Frito-Lay, Hershey, Nestle and many more for a consistent supply of merchandise. We stock more than 20 sizes of chips, ranging from LSS and XVL, all the way up to family size. We also carry a variety of candy and chocolate sizes, including single serve, king size, and hangable goods. Our catalogue suite's all hospitality, vending, and retail needs.

Cookies, Pastries, & Snacks

We carry customer favorites, from Tastykake and Mrs. Freshley's to locally baked cookies, pastries, and sweet and salty snacks. Our catalogue gives customers the ability to source both fresh-dated and frozen-undated product; which allows  for the ability to order relative to demand.

Fresh & Cold Food

From fresh fruits to sandwiches and salads, we've got all of the necessary fresh & cold food to stock your shelves. We store all of the product in our state-of-the-art facilities and transport orders in our reefered vehicles for product quality control. Sick of ordering two or even three weeks in advance? We hold a next day delivery standard for all orders placed before noon the previous day.

Frozen Food & Ice Cream

Need to fill your freezer? We cary over 600 different frozen products, from meals to ice cream and pizza. Shop popular brands like Lean Cuisine, Stouffer's, Hot Pocket's, Haagen Dazs, and more straight from the MyTelman platform.

Specialty & Ethnic

Our specialty and ethnic products are specially procured to keep our product catalogue culturally rich, dynamic, and relevant. 

Health, Protein, & Organic

With the quickly evolving packaged food industry, we strive to source new and unique products to supply our customers. We also recognize healthy trends and diets, like KETO and ZONE, to support product demands that your customers are looking to buy.


Paper Goods

Telman supplies paper towels, napkins, toilet tissue, cups, lids and a wide range of other quality and cost effective paper products that allow your business to run efficiently. We stock over 200 different brands and uphold a next-day delivery standard for all of the products that we offer our customers.

Amenities & Personal Care

Cure your customers symptoms with carded personal care products, amenities, and sundries. We carry a variety of brands perfect for your pantry or micro market needs.

Janitorial Supplies

Keep your business as clean as can be with our selection of commercial janitorial supplies. From paper towels to trash bags, keep your restaurant, hotel, or bar stocked with all of the necessary janitorial disposables. We keep a full supply of inventory including restroom maintenance, chemicals and cleaners, carpet care systems and equipment, and more so you can keep your closets fully stocked with everything you need to run a clean business.

Coffee & Tea

We've partnered with top national coffee chains, from popular and trending brands to well-regarded local roasters to develop a unique portfolio of coffees to meet the needs of your business. Whether it be k-cups, ground or whole bean coffee, cups, supplies, or even machines, we can be at your service with a next day delivery! As your one stop distributor, we take pride in not only providing a diversified product catalogue, but also distributing it faster than our competitors.

Creative Distribution

Telman work's with brands to streamline the distribution processes, through vertically integrating the supply chain; reducing time, money, and most of all, headache! We'd love to hear about your brand and find ways we can help.