Our History

From Telman's founding to current.



Telman, LCC. was founded and the mission was curated.
December 2017

First Round Funding

First round funding completed and value idea solidified
November 2018

Platform Creation

Telman platform creation and development of IP
April 2019

Acquisition of UBG

Secured purchase of United Brands Group Logistics.
August 2019

Partnership with LMS

Secured partnership with LMS Vending, a Snackie Ventures company.
June 2019


Telman was founded in 2017 by Max Levin during his undergraduate studies at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. He saw a void in how hotel’s were sourcing supplies for their pantry’s and the excessive capital expenditures it incurred, and wanted to create an intuitive platform that yielded inventory efficiency for operators. With this idea came the start of Telman, a cloud based online supply infrastructure for the hospitality and hotel industry that allowed users to purchase inventory on a single unit basis. After a successful launch, and a later sustained value proposition, Telman expanded its core competencies to other industries including Vending & Micro Markets, retail stores and merchants, correction facilities, and entertainment.

First Round Fundraising

In November of 2018, Telman secured funding to begin development of the IP of Telman.com and Mytelman.com.

Platform Creation and Launch

Telman's platform officially launched in April of 2018, nearly 2-years after their initial founding.

Acquisition of UBG

Telman, LLC. acquired UBG (United Brands Group) in August of 2019 to utilize the companies growing logistics division.

Partnership with Lms Vending

In June of 2019, Telman announced its partnership with Lms Vending. This provided the company access to a product catalogue of over 5,000 different items, of both perishable and non-perishable supplies, and a supply-chain network across the East Coast.