Telman was founded in 2017 by Max Levin during his undergraduate studies at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. He saw a void in how hotel’s were sourcing supplies for their pantry’s and the excessive capital expenditures it incurred, and wanted to create an intuitive platform that yielded inventory efficiency for operators. With this idea came the start of Telman, a cloud based online supply infrastructure for the hospitality and hotel industry that allowed user to purchase inventory on a single unit basis. After a successful launch, and a later sustained value proposition, Telman expanded its core competencies to other industries including vending & micro markets, retail stores and merchants, correction facilities, and entertainment and theaters. 

Today, we house over 5,000 different products of both perishable and non-perishable supplies and service clients across the tri-stae area, from small independent operators to large flagged franchises. 

So what’s next, huh?

Well, you’ve only seen he top of the iceberg…

In order to retain customers, especially in the competitive whole distribution industry that we’re in, Telman is ever so focusing on customer service and our relationships with customers. We, as a small business, want to find ways to get better products at better prices, to allow businesses the opportunity to operate more efficiently. This value proposition, in addition to our efforts of vertically integrating our supply chain, we believe will create a more seamless experience for our customers. 

Telman recognizes this problem, and fills the void of being a one stop provider that allows customers to purchase buy the unit and receive a next day delivery. What does that mean? Well, let’s say you need 6 Diet Coke bottles, or even 10 bags of XVL Lay’s chips; Telman supplies you these items, by the unit, for wholesale prices. We know your customers want variety, and our service allows you to operate you to operate your establishment at its full efficient capacity.