A Message to Buyers – The 101 in Sourcing Like a Pro!

A Message to Buyers – The 101 in Sourcing Like a Pro!

July 6, 2019
The process of buying in bulk through numerous vendors is a timely process, that requires the coordination of numerous deliveries and large minimum orders. For most small companies, it’s difficult to time orders perfectly and usually cause less variety for their customers, large unused backstock, and high perishability. 
Telman recognizes this problem, and fills the void of being a one stop provider that allows customers to purchase buy the unit and receive a next day delivery. What does that mean? Well, let’s say you need 6 diet coke bottles, or even 10 bags of XVL Lay’s chips; Telman supplies you these items, by the unit, for wholesale prices. We know your customers want variety, and our service allows you to operate your establishment at its full efficient capacity. 

We have over 5,000 products in our product catalogue, and we are always adding more. 

Hotels & Hospitality

Need to stock your hotel pantry? Telman supplies everything from skittles to carded medicine at wholesale prices. With a next day delivery and a $200 order minimum, our service allows your hotel to buy only what it needs. Telman also gives you the ability to source by the unit; which eliminates large product storage and inventory backstock. For all of our hotel customers, we offer a free plan-o-gram service with shelf and category management to make your pantry look full and professional.

Retail & Concession

Tired of your supplier’s large minimums, inconvenient delivery times, and inconsistent product catalogue? Telman is here to help! We know how difficult it is to run a business, and strive to make sourcing products simple. Our service offers a next day delivery for our customers, free of charge, with only a $200 order minimum. 

Correction Facilities 

We accommodate all facilities, and their respective security requirements and specifications. With the segments quickly evolving refreshments space, Telman supplies frozen, fresh, and packaged goods that meet the given facilities regulated product specifications. All of our drivers are familiar with the corrections sector, and are briefed with the different procedures needed to provide a safe, consistent, and transparent service. Telman offers a next day delivery for our customers, free of charge, with a $200 order minimum. 

Vending & Micro Markets

Telman distributes all of your vending and micro-market needs, including both XVL and SSL snacks, 20oz bottled drinks, and barcoded candy. Don’t wait once a week to receive an order, with high minimums and constricted customer support. Telman offers a next day delivery for our customers, free of charge, with a $200 order minimum. Additionally, we price match products from your primary distributor, ensuring not only efficient product sourcing, but also industry low prices.   


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